Urban Community Based Ecological Energy Solutions

Soul Ecology Concepts

Soul Ecology has relocated from Los Angeles California to Pomona California. We will continue with our community based approach to energy production using sovereign energy producing techniques and our community based approach to urban ecology education.

We are enhancing our communications techniques to include current computer technology and Social Networks to reports the results of our projects. We try to demonstrate products that are energy efficient and/or eco-friendly.

Electric Vehicles

This is my graduation class from the Electric Auto Shop in Sebastopol California. The custom Electric Car class enhanced our knowledge of the components needed to do a full Electric Vehicle assembly. We assembled a new training car called the Switch Vehicles.

Bradley GT II

In 2012, Soul Ecology acquired a 1982 Bradley GT II. We are currently acquiring Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiPO) Batterys to replace the lead sealed battery that was delivered with the car. The BMS charger will be replace to handle modern requirements for LiPO batteries.

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